Good habits to improve your hair growth!

Hey there! Here Ghooper again and before starting this video Hey hey hey Wait! I have something for you

Oh my God That's awesome! So What I was saying Before starting this video I want you to remember that all the contents of this video came from my personal research and experience I'm not a doctor

I'm not a nutritionist I'm just Ghooper

A massage on the skin of your head with dry hair or under the shower can help you with the growth Better if you use an oil on the dry hair This procedure is useful because it helps with the oxygenation and the blood stream! A good diet is very important for our hair growth! In fact, the hair is mainly made of proteins and the iron is very important for your skin's head So something you shouldn't forget to include in your diet are: meat, fish and eggs! Doing sport is useful because it reduces the negative feelings that can bring us to be stressed The stress, in fact, is the major cause of the hair loss An healty body is a simbol of healty hair

Sleeping 8 hours per night doesn't help just your body but even your hair grow Why? Because the sleeping time gives to our brain the time to focus on the hair growth better than during the day when the brain is busy with other activities or when we are too much tired or stressed Warm air, especially on the wet hair could make it weak facilitating its breakup So better not to use the hair straightener and the hot air to dry our hair Honey! What? So these were the mainly points that can help you with your hair growth

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