hey guys welcome back to my channel and hello if you knew it make sure that you subscribe before you leave that way you'll never miss out on another video and click the little bell that way every single time that I upload a new video you're notified and it's free and that way you'll never miss out so today's video is going to be all about Jacqueline Fernandes hair growth secrets so I love Jacqueline Fernandez I love her personality her acting her movies especially her hair so I sat down and I just started reading her interviews watching her interviews specifically observing what she says about hair how she maintains her hair actually takes care of it what she uses and what she eats like all of that stuff I was so fascinated by it that I could have put some things together her like top tips and then I wanted to share it with you guys so if you guys are interested then keep on watching hair grow most secret number one is she uses beer to rinse out her hair they're probably thinking that this is super weird when I heard her talking about beer I was like okay this I've never heard of before but what you do is you pour the beer out and you let it get flat overnight so it's not as strong and then after you take a shower you wash your hair you're just gonna rinse your hair out with that beer I just use any beer and I actually will have a video coming soon on how to do the whole entire thing how to make it flat and then how to use it on your hair either as a spray or rinse so stay tuned for that subscribe if you're not subscribed that way when I do upload the beer hair video then you guys are gonna be notified so beer has proteins that make your hair cuticles stronger and it adds a lot like a ton of shine to your hair it also repairs a lot of damage now who would have thought that beer could do that to your hair not only can you drink it but you can put on your hair hair it grows secret number two is a Jacqueline Fernandez loves to use hot oil on her head like as a massage now this is such a good thing for your hair because it really can spa locals that are not producing hair anymore it's really good for your scalp it feels really good it rejuvenates your hair your roots and everything just starts to grow it also helps promote blood flow in the scalp and that also makes your hair grow faster the hot oil actually is really good for your hair because it makes your hair moisturize so if you have dry hair this is also perfect and you can use any kind of oil you can use coconut oil olive oil almond oil castor oil two of my favourites are almond oil and coconut oil I feel like those grow my hair the fastest hair growth secret number three of Jacqueline Fernandez is that whenever she has any kind of product in her hair she will not go to sleep until she washes it off and she's actually very strict about this this is really important because when you do go to sleep with product in your hair your hair is more likely and more prone to break hair girl secret number four of Jacqueline Fernandez is that she likes to use natural based products on her hair natural based shampoos conditioners and haircare products mainly because the ones that have chemicals in it are very drying for your hair and it just makes your hair look really dull and weighs it down and overall it dries it out causes split in and I from experience can say this because it has helped my hair grow a lot faster and thicker ever since I switched over to sulfate free shampoos and I feel like my scalp is healthier my hair just looks healthier it grows faster and it's just really really beneficial for your hair so I did a lot of questions asked about what kind of shampoos I use on my hair I'm not completely sure which ones Jacqueline Fernandez uses but I'm going to share with you guys some affordable ones that are sulfate free and that have a lot of natural plant extracts in them so the first one is by arc naturals and this is their organic argan oil shampoo I love this stuff it smells really really good and it's affordable and it's filled and jam-packed with a bunch of natural oils for your hair another one that I really like and I'm actually out of it is the pure body natural anti hair loss shampoo hair regrowth now this is filled like with over 50 natural ingredients there's rosemary argan oil there's vitamin age there's tea tree coconut there's like a bunch of good stuff and my hair just soaks it up so I believe this one link down below it gets interested in this one too and then these next two are from nature Queen and these are herbal shampoo and conditioners and these aren't completely all-natural they smell really good these actually smell just like honey and molasses mixed together it smells like you just baked something and put it in your hair and then the smell does stay on your hair for a little while after you do take a shower and it smells so so good and it makes your hair really really soft and so these are some of the ones that I like to use just as an example for you guys they're girls secret number five of Jacqueline Fernandes is that she believes what you eat contributes to the health of your hair and I totally agree with her some days when I don't drink enough water I can see it in my hair I can see my hair is a lot more dull limp and lifeless and I see more breakage from my hair on before I'll see more of my hair and I really feel like it's because I'm not putting enough water into my body now Jacqueline Fernandez eats a lot of fish and snacks on a lot of nuts and something that I like to do as well is snack on a lot of flavored peanuts almonds cashews like the one I have here is chili lemon and it's just really easy to grab and snack on whenever you feel like you are craving something instead of grabbing chips or junk food you can grab some nuts and it doesn't have to be some plain boring peanuts you can get the flavored ones even though it's not as healthy for you as the plain ones but they taste really good and they are really good snack and they help you to there's a bunch of omega-3s packed into these foods which is really good for the growth of your hair especially in fish so these are five of Jacqueline Fernandez hair growth tips that I saw her mentioning in her interviews I feel like when you're trying to grow your hair out room when you're trying to improve the health of your hair you want to look to people like Jacqueline Fernandez whose hair you see is healthy and even on her days where she's not even wearing makeup or not even has our hair done you could tell her hair is thick and luscious and long and those are the type of people that you want to observe what they do and how they take care of their hair and just you know feed off of their advice and tips and tricks and so that's what I did here I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you guys so much for watching subscribe if you haven't already and I'll talk to you in my next one

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