Liquid Biotin For Hair Growth

Hey ya'll, so for the last 30 days I have been taking liquid biotin! yes that exists I had no idea If you would like to try this liquid vitamin I'll link that down below in the description box

And today I want to go over my hair growth results and Share my experience with it And why it is now my preferred and crowned and claimed favorite hair growth vitamin So here's the bottle and when I received and opened it It has a little dropper right so I was like to put this on my scalp or something But you actually ingest it The instructions say to do half a dropper and just put it on your tongue But I actually took it sublingually just because it's more vasculature for more absorption under your tongue So half a dropper every morning Every single day for 30 days So I did a video on my Instagram story To measure my hair before I started taking it, so let's look at that now So I'm gonna put this on my scalp Gonna grab the longest piece of my hair Pull it down Right here So 17 inches.

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And now it is time to see the final Results so I got a measuring tape and I got my hair, so let's see So I'm just going to put this against my nuca (head) grab this piece of hair I'm just going to pull it Until it goes up Okay like right there So you're seeing that right here It's a little over 18 inches So my hair grew a little over one inch in one month Whattttt, I am so happy *sick dance moves* I really liked using this vitamin in particular because the reason I don't do hair growth pills is because I always break out I get these very painful cysts all over my forehead all over my cheek area and After like two weeks of taking it I have to stop to allow my skin to heal, but with the liquid Biotin I didn't break out and that is a miracle for me to not break out when I'm taking biotin I also prefer the liquid because it is faster absorbed so you get better Results,

Just like any other pill when it's processed through your digestive tract It's going to break down a lot more than you're gonna absorb But since this is just purely concentrated liquid You can just immediately absorb it into Your vasculature and your blood flow when you put it in your mouth Another thing that I really like about This particular one is it's around 20 bucks It's a two month supply All in all I am gonna continue to use this vitamin every single day until I reach my goal So right now my hair is Around boobage level and when I pull it It's a little longer than that But I really want to get my hair to my hips Like I want to sit down and have my hair hit my lap Another thing that I should mention is that I didn't only take the vitamin I also do scalp massages with oil every single wash day That's just something that I've always done because it helps to increase blood flow Which in turn helps to make your hair healthier and helps it to grow faster So I didn't do it alone I did it with oil scalp massages so if you guys end up getting this make sure to massage your scalp as well for the optimum hair growth results And that is this week's video sharing my Experience let me know if you want to try it out, or if you have tried it out What are things that you're doing right now for hair growth? Leave me comments and Suggestions of things you'd like me to do/discuss on this channel And if you wanna follow me on any of my social media I'll leave the links down below

Thank you for watching I hope you have a great day

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