Maintain Your Family’s Style Between Salon Visits

´╗┐Maintain Your Family's Style Between Salon Visits

Tired of dragging the whole family into the salon for high-priced haircuts? You have to round up the kids, pile them into the car – and then make sure they don't destroy all of the magazines as they await their turns with the stylists.

What if you could keep their hairstyles looking “salon fresh” between visits?

It's easier than you might think. Have everyone in your family follow these simple guidelines to extend the interval between salon visits.

* Shampoo with cool or warm water. Shampooing with hot water can strip hair of natural oils, leaving you with a dry scalp. Massage and evenly distribute just a quarter-size amount of shampoo into hair, then rinse. And never shampoo twice unless your scalp is oily.

* Condition. Hair needs moisture, just like skin does, but your scalp only needs conditioning if it's dry. So apply just a small amount of conditioner from the middle of the hair shaft to the ends. Leave the conditioner on for a few seconds, then rinse thoroughly.

* Detangle. Use your fingers or a comb to detangle hair; a wide-tooth comb works best. Start from the ends and work up to get knots out a few inches at a time. Never brush hair until it is dry.

* Cut it yourself. You can save money and time – and maintain your family members' freshly groomed styles – by trimming hair at home.

A new tool from Wahl Clipper Corp., a leading manufacturer of professional beauty products, is helping consumers overcome their fears of making hair-cutting mistakes. It's called the Comb'n Cut, and those who use it are doubling the amount of time they're able to wait between hair appointments.

The blade's “mistake free” technology is suitable for blending, tapering and shaping hair.