The Ultimate Guide To Natural Treatments

A makeup remover should be a light and rich cleansing oil that contains no mineral oil. Look for a makeup remover that deeply penetrates skin cells and pores to remove eye and face makeup as well as the daily accumulation of environmental irritants. Next find a facial cleanser that whisks away any excess oil and dirt without stripping or drying your skin…leaving your skin clean, smooth, soft, and young looking. Is clean skin important to you? Stop washing your face with stuff that’s worse than dirt.

Once your skin is clean, onward toward looking younger and getting rid of wrinkles. You’re ready for the toner or balancer. This is to visibly refine and balance your skin – and should be formulated to balance the skin’s pH with light but hydrating coverage. This helps diminish pores and refresh your skin as you hydrate and protect it. Try to find a plant derived moisture complex which will preserve the skin’s moisture without stickiness – like an invisible shield of moisture to protect you from the world.

Use your toner/balancer morning and night and you should be able to watch pore size appear to diminish before your eyes. When your skin care products contain what your skin needs, leaves out what it doesn’t, the result is results.
The next step to youthful, radiant looking skin is a serum to restore silky texture by locking in the moisture from the toner/balancer. This provides resiliency and elasticity for a younger looking you. This is almost like an invisible veil for your face.
You should even feel your skin tighten as it works. Serum revitalizes cells and restores your skin’s youthful elasticity. It locks in the moisture provided by the hydrating toner/balancer. Look for a formula made from botanical ingredients that are gentle on your skin and does not contain the harsh and harmful chemicals found in even some of the most popular “natural” products you find in stores.

Moisturizing cream and eye cream ought to provide light and rich moisture that penetrates deep. This builds a moisture cushion between your skin and the daily toxins you are exposed to. These products should visibly hydrate and rebuild. Look for an eye cream that has been ophthalmologist tested and includes trehalose which acts as an antioxidant to help fight the effects of stress and environmental irritants, and collagen to help nourish and restore.
This type of formula lightens dark circles and provides anti-inflammatory support to reduce puffiness. Using the right eye cream should give you a “younger point of view” as it works gently to minimize fine lines, circles, and puffiness and leaves the skin surrounding your eyes hydrated and nourished instead of droopy and puffy. So you look younger and you get rid of wrinkles!

Dried and irritated skin needs comfort as well. Look for a creamy liniment to provide extra emollients to calm the skin especially after shaving, waxing or for use in extreme weather conditions. Used after shaving, a product with botanically derived ingredients will act to protect the beneficial keratin that razors scrape away. Chapped and dried skin is protected and nourished to restore proper skin health and texture. Use it on the face, legs, hands, feet, elbows and wherever you have irritated skin. Find a lotion that gives your skin what it needs without all the stuff it doesn’t so that it will soothe your skin without stinging for optimal comfort and optimal results.
Dehydration of the skin is one of the major factors in skin aging. Premature aging is also the result of dietary deficiencies, hormone imbalance and stress.

To achieve truly beautiful, younger-looking skin, be sure to support optimal health on the inside as well. You may want to include in your daily regiment, natural dietary supplements to ensure that your body has the best and most bioavailable nutritional support available. Why take care of your skin with the best, botanically derived ingredients and nourish your body with cheap, synthetic and ineffective dietary supplements?

Look for vitamins and minerals along with phytochemicals in an all-natural form that your body can readily absorb. Antioxidants are needed to help protect cells against free radicals that can cause them to age prematurely. Plus you need to give your body the raw materials to build hormones for your endocrine system and glandular support.
Nourishing your body and your skin the right way may take time and effort but it will also give you radiant, glowing, younger-looking skin that people will envy wherever you go!